10 Tips to Generate Genuine Leads from Website

If you have a website (if not then please read this Why website has become a need of every business owner? before moving forward ) then as business owner you always want to generate revenue through sales from your website. Though you can use your website to generate genuine leads, inquiries over phone or physical location visits.There are number of ways to increase your leads, sales and revenue without investing too much in website. Here are 10 tips that you can try — they can help you grow lead or generate instant revenue.

Do a conversion audit.

Nowadays a lot of web design companies are great at creating beautiful websites, but they are not good at increasing conversion rates. Having a full conversion audit done is well worth.

Call tracking.

If you need to interact with the user through phone calls. Then this trick should be well suited to you. There are lots of tools available online that provide call tracking. It will tell you which keywords or searching methods are generating more leads to you.

Identify what users are doing on your website.

Similar to call tracking systems available online there lots of other tools that can be used to track user activity on your site. They can be known as Heat Map Tool. If they used properly they can help you in a big way to generate big leads.

Google Analytics data.

You might be aware of this most popular tool on internet. I am personally using it a lot. Though you need to have some technical knowledge as well to work with it. But if you don’t have it still you can use it. Use it on regular basis and you will become familiar with the tool and once you understand it you will a lot more data to plan your marketing strategy.

Install live chat on your website.

You might think that live chat is only good for websites that want to generate eCommerce sales. It’s true, but not in all cases.

There are lots of other ways like :

  • Use of exit popup.
  • Include Testimonials.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Use Flat Fonts
  • Use Video to explain your message.