Google AdWords


Are you are looking for a Google Adwords company in Ludhiana? For those who do not know, Google AdWords is a search engine advertising platform provided by Google to run texts ads on Google (and video/display ads). Whenever you search for something on Google, you will normally see a mixture for paid ads and organic listings. We’ve provided an example below to give you an idea.

Google AdWords isn’t the only marketing channel or a bit of technology that can help grow your business. You’ll also want to invest your time and money in other key technologies to fuel your growth – such as remarketing, Facebook ads, your website, and tools to understand your target market, to name just a few.

Using Google AdWords is the most common and effective marketing strategy among for businesses looking to get their first online customers.

Google Ads help your business bring in new customers or leads through search ads, display network ads, and YouTube ads. It’s made up of three main factors:

  1. Call-Only Campaigns: Call-Only ads are very much like the traditional pay-per-click (PPC) ads you see on Google’s search results pages. What’s so amazingly powerful about Call-Only Campaign ads is that they are immediate.
  2. Customer Match: Customer Match is an extremely efficient way to reach people on Search, Gmail, or YouTube.
  3. Gmail ads: Gmail ads appear within the Promotions tab of Gmail, and target users based on their personal account activity. Look for the ones with the highest open rates – your unicorns! Keyword targeting is also incredibly powerful.
  4. YouTube ads: More than 6 billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube. Using YouTube’s TrueView ads, you can reach your target audience as they’re watching videos.
  5. Custom affinity audiences: AdWords’ custom affinity audiences is a Display Network feature that gives you the ability to target a predetermined group of people who are likely to be interested in your specific product or niche.
  6. New AdWords app for iOS: Google released the AdWords App for iOS users.
  7. Expected CTR: How do your ad campaigns typically perform? Is your click-through rate better or worse than the average?
  8. Ad Relevance: How specific is your ad in relation to the search?

Youtotech is a reputable Google AdWords company in Ludhiana. Google AdWords can be a complex system to master, especially if you’re a busy business owner or marketer trying to achieve the maximum return on paid search.

Advantages of Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a powerful tool when it comes to advertising a business online. What makes it so great? Below are a few of the advantages that businesses enjoy on Google’s Adwords platform:

  • Precise Targeting
  • Target Specific Devices
  • Pay Only For Results
  • Performance Tracking
  • Preparing for PPC
  • Landing Page

Make sure you understand all the facts with Google AdWords.