How slowness of your website affects your SEO Efforts?

Google recently proclaimed that your website performance, or the speed at that your sites load, comes into the algorithmic rule that affects your website ranking. This is often one thing that we’ve suspected for an extended time however it’s currently formally confirmed on the Google Webmaster central official blog. At the end of the day, Google has to offer searchers with a decent user expertise and that we all get irritated by slow loading websites, thus if you discover that your website has dropped ranking unexpectedly this might be one among the explanations.

There are a plenty of various factors which might cause your sites to load slowly.

First of all is that the bandwidth allotted to the server hosting your website. If you’re on shared hosting then you may be sharing the bandwidth allotted to the server with typically many different websites, and also the additional websites sharing similar bandwidth, the slower your pages are probably to load. Shared web hosting solutions don’t typically tell you the way several sites are on same server however you’ll be able to search this out with a Firefox Add-on referred to as ShowIP that permits you to see the quantity of different sites hosted on similar IP address, among different things.

Secondly there’s the speed of the server itself hosting your web site. Typically shared web hosts advertise the specs of the server itself and rather like a laptop, the additional RAM and also the higher the spec, the quicker it’ll server sites. Third and really significantly, is the code that is powering your website. If you’ve got a dynamic web site you’re most likely using PHP or ASP to drag data from a database. Anytime a page loads it requests information from the database and if the code isn’t well written there can be issues with page speed. You will be using additional queries than you would like to extract the information needed.

Some wordpress themes additionally cause your page load time to extend. However you’ll be able to probably get round this by using the WP cache plugin. A theme which is just as powerful but loads much faster is Thematic.


You can search out how well your site is performing by going to Google Webmaster Tools. If you are not using Google webmaster tools you should be. You will be able to register for a Google Account free and look for “Webmaster Tools” and add this to your Google account. You may get to upload a bit of code to your website to indicate that it’s yours, however subsequently you may get access to a heap of data regarding your web site, as well as the site performance. This text from Google gives in deep information regarding checking your website performance with webmaster tools.