How to Optimize Your Magento Website?

Have you developed your website in Magento? This is an open source e-commerce platform and the most popular content management system. Most of the experienced web developers are developing websites of each and every category using this platform. Even if, they are using this CMS for completing the development process of various websites using Magento but this is mostly used for developing e-commerce websites.

Why Magento (an e-commerce platform)?

Even if, various CMSs are used but why Magento is used at a high level? Behind the usage of Magento, the main concept is that now it has become a pioneer in offering the flexibility to its users. Now, we have found out the reason why Magento is used but at present, the question is that which ways will be beneficial to optimize a website that has developed in Magento e-commerce platform.


Methods to optimize a Magento Website


Reliable and Fast Web Hosting :

Before applying some other techniques for the optimization of a website you have to choose reputed and fast web hosting service provider.

Uninstall Not Necessary Extensions:

More extensions are running on your PC? If yes then uninstall them otherwise these extensions will slow down the optimization process of your Magento Website. More extensions in the sense we can say those third-party extensions such as more HTTP requests, CSS sheets and JavaScript files are running.

Enable Magento Flat Catalog Category:

In Magento (e-commerce platform), the whole data is saved in a database such as Ms Excel and others. When the database is filled then it drops out added information. So that’s why it slows down the optimization speed of a website. To decrease the effects of dropped data you have to enable Flat Catalog Category and Catalog Product.